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Pouty and tired of being sick

Alright, already. Sheesh. Can this just like, go away now? I’ve been sick since Thursday last week and it’s still lingering around, making my sinuses and head hurt. The fever is only here and there now, mostly gone, but not completely (hence no work today; i’ll not infect others, period. a bit of a peeve, that). Doctor’s appointment tomorrow for official “no piggy flu” test and then, likely antibiotics and over the counter meds and back to normality (well, as close as I get to it).

I’ve been enjoying the sunshine outside my window and wishing I could get out in it. I suspect it is chill yet, but it sure makes my eyes happy.

Oh, did I mention this week is finals for the semester? Yeah. Thankfully, not difficult, just a spot of tedium to get it all into “proper university format”. I must say, all this obsession with method over message is validating years and years of contemplation on a number of things. Likely not helpful to anyone but me, so I won’t set it out here (yet).

Anyway… honk, honk, sneeze, sneeze, rattle, rattle, and beep, beep!! (Translation: Despite illness, I am well and I certainly hope you are, too!!)

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