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Thoughts on recent events…

I was laid off on Thursday. I cannot say it was a big surprise; after all, I was rather under-utilized and all observable circumstances did not seem to recommend the idea that this would change in the foreseeable future. It was not completely unexpected, but I honestly thought it might take a little longer than it did for them to wake up and stop denying the reality that they just aren’t making effective use of analysis. (In truth, they haven’t woken up at all, they merely think it isn’t necessary.)

Having had two days to reflect on it, I come to several conclusions; most of which are refreshingly positive:

(1) This is the best possible outcome I could find for the investment of the last two years and three months.

(2) As a direct result of this occurrence, I now have access to something I would not have had it worked out any other way.

(3) There have been lessons learned on both sides of this particular board that may or may not be put to good use by them, but definitely will be so by me.

(4) I have no regrets in relation to my efforts, interests, or attempts to contribute positively.

(5) For the first time in my professional life, I have the luxury of time to seriously consider ‘next steps’ and to make adjustments that will ensure I am never, ever foolish enough to accept something or remain with it when it is clear that I cannot build success or find it for myself.

This is a good time for me to be ‘in between’ on work. I am going to spend this time wisely and well; I’m allotting myself two weeks to luxuriate in not having to work, another in seriously contemplating my options, and then? Putting the outcomes in alignment, targeting the next goal, and reaching it.

It is a solid gift to be able to look at something so close on the aft and say with all sincerity and truthfulness, “It’s all good.”

I am thankful.

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