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Diabetes, revisited

Great pharmaceutical public facing video on the physiology and chemistry of diabetes (particularly Type II):

Also, a very good common sense look at balancing foods and methods to combat insulin resistance and get back to regulating your body chemistry in healthy ways. (Aside: I forgive this fellow the marketing of himself and book because it is so obvious he’s genuinely interested in helping people.)

Further, I can attest that following the guidelines the fellow above points out (which, by the way, I found on my own through research and trial/error) works and works very well indeed:

  • I’ve lost over 75lbs and kept it off
  • I’ve reduced my A1C from a ridiculous 10 to a near-normal 5.1-5.6
  • I’ve reduced my overall cholesterol count from a life (and heart!) threatening 320 to the norm of 104
  • I’ve reduced my triglycerides from an insane high of 527 to 115
  • I’ve increased my D counts from a ridiculous 6 to a healthful 48

Other benefits:

  • I’m no longer “the human barometer”; whose body aches and hurt generally all the time (and could reliably predict every rain spell and shift in the weather four days in advance (Seriously, I used to win money doing this)
  • I no longer have difficulty with my sleep cycles or bouts of chemically induced (due to the above) depression or anxiety
  • I no longer feel tired all the time… or hungry all the time
  • I’ve regained my energy levels and they are less likely to ebb or peak dramatically

Other helpful side effects and outcomes include:

  • I no longer eat or support fast food in any way
  • I eschew processed and overly-depleted “food” sitting on the grocer’s shelf pretending to be good for me (honestly, read those labels and ingredients and you will be horrified)
  • I have a much greater understanding of both (a) how my body chemistry works and (b) how my choices affect and impact it

I have to say, I didn’t realize how unhealthy and generally unhappy and in pain I was until I wasn’t anymore. It sneaks up on you and hangs over you like this heavy, dark cloud. Now that it is diffused and dispersed, I cannot imagine allowing myself to resume any activity or endure any choice that even remotely allows “that being” space in which to return to me as “my norm”.

Obviously, you should speak frankly with your doctor and do your homework so you can build the conceptual understanding necessary to find your own balance, health, and happiness; but I will share with you the foundational routine that is now part of my day to day life. I hope it will be helpful, even if as nothing more than something to show your doctor and discuss in the context of creating your own plan for healthy and happiness in life.

(1) Pick up the following supplements and take them religiously:

(2) Pick up this as a meal replacement and use them as either breakfast (with a piece of fruit) or dinner (with a light salad):

  • Muscle Milk LITE (12 carbs for 20 grams of protein; light on the salt and fat, no milk, no sugar; truly magnificent) – available in chocolate, (and I kid you not, they actually taste GOOD).

(3) Restrict total daily carbohydrate intake to no more than 180 grams, period. (That’s about 60 carbs per meal for a man; it’s closer to 45 for a woman. Yes, this means you have to read labels, remember to check them for serving size!) You also have to learn to:

  • Prefer fibers and fiber-based vegetables over processed foods,
  • Prefer lean or no-fat meats over processed meats.

(4) Restrict total daily sodium intake to no more than 900 grams, period. (This can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Read labels assiduously.)

(5) Restrict total processed bread, noodle, and rice intake to no more than 1/3 cup a meal. (Frankly, you’d be better off to leave it entirely, but that means converting to sprouted organic bread. I can recommend some tasty ones, Ezekiel 4:9 Bread being at the top of the list but Orowheat’s thins work nicely, too.)

(6) ELIMINATE milk all together (11 grams of sugar per half cup, and that’s the skim or no-fat versions. It’s higher for the others). Consider Blue Diamond Almond Breeze; a solid alternative and it goes well with both cereals, coffee, and standalone (with Stevia to sweeten if/as needed).

(7) Snack on apples, cucumbers, or pears; avoid bananas, grapes, raisins, carrots, and other simple sugar fruits or vegetables that convert quickly and bog/slow you down.

(8) Commit to a brisk ten minute walk at least three times a day and an extra one after any heavy meal in which you blow out the above items.

(9) Commit to at least 6 hours of sleep a night, regularly (less inhibits metabolism; this is actually hard for me as my body never wants to sleep more than 4 hours a night).

(10) No more than 1tsp of processed sugar in any meal; avoid dextrose with maltodextrin as it DOES hit glucose. Look for aspartame or saccharine if you must, but I strongly recommend Stevia as it is herbal, does not hit glucose at all, and has a flavor/taste roughly 300x sweeter than sugar “on the tongue”.

As far as finding the supplements – Super Supplements here in the PNW is a great place where all the above are found by me, but you can look for places convenient for you online.

I would point out that D3 metabolizes and works better with the body and magnesium in particular than does D2; this is something you should discuss in detail with your doctor to understand how and why.

I would also point out the importance of ten minute walk happening regularly; it gives you the full cardio needed to both pump up metabolism as well as increase stamina and general body tone.

Obviously a routine of full exercise is good and ultimately, it’s best to have one that runs 30 minutes on each end of the day… but this is a good and easy to manage starting point that doesn’t feel like you’re shifting around your whole life. Just keep that pace brisk (as if trying to get to the destination within a specific time without actually trotting or running) is one of the best known overall techniques. 2lb weights for ankles and feet and rocker sole shoes (i.e., Reebok EZTone/EZStride) provide as much general toning and strengthening benefit as a simple free weight workout.

Finally, this is not something to “do on your own”. Take this to your doctor and let them tell you which pieces make sense for you or which you can ignore. But I will tell you this – my doctor told me straight up that they rarely expect “pre-diabetics” and un-managed diabetics to really improve because most people won’t do the research and won’t modify their habits to ensure good health.

This above write-up my doctor actually requested a copy of to share with one or two of her other patients… I hope you will find it helpful, too.

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